Managed Services

Most businesses wait until their computer breaks to call a service center. We call this the break fix model. The service center puts them in line and a technician comes out and performs services that hopefully fixes the problem that same day. So what does all this cost? Labor costs for the technician plus the cost of any parts needed? Yes, but what about all the lost production time for the person using the computer. What if the computer that went down was the server?

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Zero Downtime

Our goal at Digital Insyte is to ensure that when our customers sit down to use their computer, they can do what they need to do in the most efficient way possible.

We accomplish this by using remote monitoring and management (RMM) software which is installed on every computer that we manage. This little piece of software talks to our central servers and allows us to address the things that cause downtime. Ask yourself these questions.

Is your operating system up to date?
Is your antivirus up to date?
When was the last time your computer was scanned for a virus?

If you don't know the answer to any of these questions don't feel bad. The break fix model is not designed for the prevention of down time. It is designed to be reactive. Not only does our managed services software allow us to automate these tasks, but we can also provide our customers with reports that answer these questions and many more.


The help desk in big enterprise is something that is now taken for granted. Small to medium businesses obviously can't afford a help desk staff. This is something that Digital Insyte brings with managed services that is very unique. Being able to call and immediately talk to a technician is a valuable asset used to try and achieve the goal of zero downtime.

Whether it's a complex problem that requires expert attention or a simpler problem in an application that just has you stumped. Our helpdesk staff can remote in immediately and fix your issue allow you to go back to doing what makes you money.



Using the same remote monitoring and management software, we perform tasks and monitor metrics that allow us to move our customers from a reactive break fix model to a proactive managed services model.

When is the last time your service provider called you and told you that your hard drive was about to crash?

We regularly call our customers and tell them that something is failing and we would like to schedule maintenance after hours. People ask us how is that possible?

The answer is that everything that happens on a computer is logged in the event log. Some of the time these events are warning of an eminent failure. The RMM software that we install on every computer is called an agent. That agent is programmed to alert us on a vast amount of events that would indicate a potential failure of the computer.

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