Why Cloud?

If you are tired of spending your valuable time managing IT and would like to stop the seemingly endless IT money pit, then let us help you get back to doing what makes you money. With our predictable pay as you go model, you can finally implement a real budget. Our cloud services are available to you from anywhere at any time from any device. This includes IOS and Android mobile devices. You can scale up and scale down in minutes not weeks. Stop worrying about security. With state of the art hardware and software we handle this for you as well.

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Your Data

Our highly skilled level 3 technicians start out by moving what makes "you" you into our high end NVMe storage area network. They use data replication techniques to "stage" your data in our infrastructure. Once we go live all of your digital identity is there for you.

Your Applications

Our technicians then publish the applications that you already know and use. These published applications are then accessed via a standard browser. Once the applications are launched they run as if they were installed on the local computer.



The key to maintaining a secure network is to constantly look for weaknesses. We perform scheduled internal audits, constantly. We also hire highly skilled and certified outside auditors who specialize in auditing complex networks to come in and check the checkers. Audits are never fun and to think that we impose this on ourselves proves we are serious about our security.

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Best Practices

We do require all customers abide by Best Security Practices, including:
- Complex Passwords
- Minimum Password Length
- Password Rotation
- Principle of Least Privilege (POLP)

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Enterprise Technology

Because we spread the cost of equipment over multiple tenants, we can afford to buy the best of the best. We start out by partnering with the top Security Manufacturers to deliver best of breed, Next-Gen Security Hardware and Software to protect and constantly monitor the edge. We devote a lot of resources into identifying weakness throughout our network. We continually perform exhaustive searches for the most effective way to address each weakness. Sometimes it means deploying a highly specialized, purpose built devices, otherwise it could involve modifying internal process to addresses the issue. No matter how we get there we are constantly fighting the natural entropy that occurs in any network. It is a constant battle, but we play to win.

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