The key to maintaining a secure network is to constantly look for weaknesses. We perform scheduled internal audits, constantly. We also hire highly skilled and certified outside auditors who specialize in auditing complex networks to come in and check the checkers. Audits are never fun and to think that we impose this on ourselves proves we are serious about our security.

Best Practices

Complex Passwords
Minimum Password Length
Password Rotation
Software Restriction Policies
Email Spam and Antivirs Filtering
Private, Centralized, Customized, Managed Antivirus that allows us to use our customer base to provide better overall performance and prevention for all.

Enterprise Hardware

Because we spread the cost of equipment over multiple tenants, we can afford to buy the best of the best. We start out by partnering with companies like Cisco to deliver best of breed, highly redundant firewalls, IDS and IPS equipment to protect the edge. We devote a lot of resources into identifying weakness throughout our network. We then start an exhaustive search for the most effective way to address this weakness. Sometimes it means deploying a highly specialized, purpose built appliance. Sometimes it means creating an internal process that addresses the issue. No matter how we get there we are constantly fighting the natural entropy that occurs in any network. It is a constant battle, but we play to win.


You can plan and prepare all you want, but the reality is you just can't think of everything. That's why it is so important to have personnel "watching the gate." We invest a huge portion of our income in some of the industry's most talented. Our people take pride in their work and they understand what is at risk. We pride ourselves on our security and it shows in our record.

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Our goal is to ensure that every time an employee uses a business device, it functions as expected. To accomplish this, we use research, cutting edge technology and a tireless pursuit for perfection.

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